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Tailored apps for best business outcomes Is your application portfolio optimized to deliver real business value? At Baker Tilly, we continuously improve and transform our customer’s applications to ensure they are optimized for today and adaptable for the business needs of tomorrow. We understand that business applications must be deployed or upgraded quickly, securely, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. We also understand the need to better control and reduce expenses in running application portfolios.

Baker Tilly’s portfolio stretches from application development and integration to application management and outsourcing, and fully integrates emerging delivery models like Software as a Service.

Baker Tilly’s three new application strategies-liquid,intelligent and connected-will help to unfreeze both business and IT.

  • Liquid applications are a fundamentally new way to build software-more modular and less monolithic-to meet rapidly changing business needs.
  • Intelligent applications help companies manage growing volume, velocity and complexity by harnessing software intelligence
  • Connected applications provide companies with the technical means to interface with business ecosystems as well as with the Internet of Things

Why choose Our Application Service?

  • Seeing beyond: Charting a future-proof technology foundation that is based on your present as well as future business requirements
  • Measurable business benefit: Breathing life into strategy through a flexible and relevant architecture with the aid of relevant, essential IT solutions
  • Close collaboration: We assess current business processes based on industry standards and competition; and then put technology to work to improve productivity, efficiency and quality
  • Cloud adoption: Application Development and Integration’ services from Baker Tilly Infotech help business enterprises in development, integration and aligning applications with their business across technologies.

Baker Tilly is uniquely positioned to help organizations design, build, test and manage their applications to drive high performance.

We offer:

  • Scale: We have unmatched global reach through our Global Delivery Network with client work being delivered seamlessly across more than 50 delivery centers, Baker Tilly offices and client locations across 120 countries.
  • Skills and Experience: We’ve been an application services leader for more than 30 years. We’re one of the best integrators for Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many of the leading software and hardware providers.
  • Industry: We know our clients and their industry—combining specialized industry experiences and assets in more than 40 industries—to catalyze creative, industry-specific solutions.
  • Delivery Quality: Baker Tilly stands for excellence in delivery. We continue to outperform the industry according to third party benchmarks. With our standardized processes, methods and tools, we deliver reliable, measurable, repeatable and predictable results with reduced risk and speed to market.
  • Top Talent:Our exceptionally talented people are our ultimate differentiator. We hire, train and develop the best people in the industry. We ground them in our strong culture of client service as they work collaboratively with our clients in global teams to drive high performance at scale.

Application Architecture

As businesses go digital, Applications play a very important role in how an organization delivers value to its customers, partners and employees. The focus of Applications is shifting from “Systems of Record” to “Systems of Engagement.” However, delivering Applications that engage customers and employees requires a well-thought-out architecture strategy.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications are at the core of every organization’s IT structure. Every decade or so technology innovations lead to massive transformation to the conventional way of doing business, thereby putting massive pressures on the typical IT backbone of an enterprise. As organizations try to find a balance between evolving technology (convergence of mobility, analytics, cloud and real time responsiveness) and business dexterity while containing costs, it becomes a necessity to visualize an enterprise technology roadmap that aligns with future business needs.

Connected Enterprise Services

Today’s customer is better informed and interacts with brands across multiple touch points expecting a superior customer experience. However, with increasing customer expectations and organization silos, there is a greater need to create an integrated enterprise to deliver a connected customer experience. Enterprises around the world face several challenges, both internally and externally, while providing seamless experience across the customer’s buying journey. They need to connect with customers over digital media to create brand awareness, increase conversions and create strong brand loyalty for repeat purchases. But to deliver a superior customer experience, there is a need to break organizational silos and create harmony and lean business processes by integrating disparate and legacy applications, technologies and processes.

Security Services

Security is a constant feature and cause for concern in boardroom discussions. With the advancement of technology, security threats are becoming more complex and have a more critical impact on business. To consistently win in such a dynamic and emerging business landscape, organizations should be able to confidently embrace change, and security practices should enable and assure those changes.

Business Application Solutiuons

Business challenges are increasing across the globe – from shifts in rapidly changing end user preferences and multiple customer touch points to demands for cost reduction. To be competitive and to reach global markets, organizations need to explore new business models and to provide their partners with seamless access to information and business transactions.

Baker Tilly partnered with all leading Software companies such as Oracle, SAP, SAS, IBM and Microsoft to offer best value to our customers. We help you identify and evaluate packaged solutions to find out the best fit solution. Our team has extensive expertise in implementing, maintaining, managing and supporting all major commercial-off-the-shelf solutions of all leading software vendors.

We help our customers in making the right decisions in IT assets and ensure that all such investments yield desired results and meets strategic objectives that they have been commissioned to meet. In this era of disruptive innovation in technology many of the COTS applications are not quick enough to adapt latest technological capabilities and often it becomes very expensive to make an old school solution to adapt the latest capabilities. Baker Tilly comes to your rescue through offering cost-effective and tailor made custom business application development using open source or closed source technologies depending on customer preference, that can integrate seamlessly with social media, extensible on all mobile devices and with integrated transactional and business analytics that provide descriptive, prescriptive, predictive and diagnostic analytics.