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Service Product Engineering

The cloud is empowering enterprises to transform their businesses – by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market. Cloud is the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise. Cloud brings in the much needed elasticity for an agile enterprise. Cloud adoption is gaining momentum with the growing need for businesses to react quickly to peaks and troughs in the market. In an increasingly connected world businesses wants to move faster to the market to gain the maximum advantage. Cloud brings in the much needed agility, scalability and accessibility at a global scale effortlessly at an attractive low capital expenditure.

Baker Tilly’s cloud consultants are well versed in deploying all types of cloud platforms, including hybrid clouds that give you the best of both worlds. We help drive cost savings, flexibility, security and compliance for mission-critical applications. Drawing upon our own Cloud-enabled Enterprise Transformation Fabric with pre-built cloud solution components and those of our cloud partners, we will help you choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for your business that will:

  • Accelerate time-to-market and increase profitability
  • Optimize, scale, manage and outsource your IT resources
  • Enable business agility, contestability, and elasticity.
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Virtualize processes
  • Increase workforce collaboration
  • Control your costs and lower up-front investments
  • Transform to an agile business and a dynamic growth engine
  • Will help transition IT management from “asset-focused” to “Service-Oriented”

Baker Tilly’s in-depth industry and technology expertise can deliver true multi-directional dynamism, thereby enabling your enterprise to experience a seamless cloud journey.


Cloud Advisory

Enterprises are increasingly interested in gaining competitive advantage through collaboration, process agility and innovative business models, at low costs. Cloud solutions bring this much-needed flexibility to enterprises to develop capabilities required to innovate and seize new business opportunities. The challenge lies around identifying and developing a cloud strategy that helps meet key business goals.

Baker Tilly InfoTech’s Cloud Advisory Services help you clearly define:

  • What to migrate to cloud? – Set priority on applications, processes and infrastructure
  • How to migrate to cloud? – Define the right migration strategy for your enterprise
  • Which cloud to migrate to? – Adopt an appropriate mix of Private, Public or Hybrid Clouds

Our Cloud advisory services also assesses the Cloud readiness of your applications, and develops the right Cloud roadmap and Cloud strategy for your enterprise. Modernizing and migrating your applications to the Public Cloud allows your enterprise to become agile, scalable, and flexible, while eliminating CAPEX and drastically reducing Total cost of ownership (TCO).

Areas of Focus

Our cloud team helps you in the following areas

  • Cloud Strategy Definition and Transformation Roadmap: We define future-state vision and cloud service models for migration to the cloud.
  • Readiness Assessment: We assess and document business and IT drivers, determine cloud readiness, perform audits, assess readiness for adoption of the cloud.
  • Cloud Suitability of Assets: We determine which business and IT assets are most suited for cloud migration and identify business-relevant cloud services.
  • Cloud Service Commercialization: We craft a revenue generation model for cloud services, evaluate cloud ROI, and choose the right cloud platform and deployment model.

Cloud Application Migration

Enterprises are witnessing a compelling need to move their infrastructure and applications to cloud for business agility, responsiveness, and cost-efficiency.

Baker Tilly Offerings:

  • Application Migration to the cloud: Re-host applications to the cloud, reengineer applications for the cloud, or replace with COTS cloud options.
  • Cloud Management Services: Options include public cloud hosting, private cloud or hybrid cloud management.
  • COTS Software deployment to the cloud: Applications moved to the cloud from on premise.
  • High performance Computing (HPC): HPC systems such as BigData Applications,that require significant processing power on demand are well suited to cloud migration.

Public Cloud Applications

The Cloud is increasingly becoming an integral part of organizational strategy to transform enterprise processes and applications. The enterprise cloud roadmap needs to be aligned to the business strategies for accelerated growth and faster time-to-value.

We provide end-to-end Process Transformation for business processes, including Consulting, Implementation, Rollout, Migration and Application Support by leveraging Public SaaS applications. We have extensive experience in enterprise class SaaS engagements of ERP, CRM, SCM & HCM.

Cloud Management Services

Cloud platforms are quickly becoming an increasingly viable option for the extended enterprise. Businesses are aggressively leveraging the cloud to scale and extend legacy capabilities, while tapping into the speed and cost transparency. Most enterprises plan to adopt Private or Public Clouds and integrate these to their existing IT portfolio.

Cloud Integration

The rapid growth of organizations and adoption of latest technologies is adding to the existing heterogeneity of enterprise application portfolios. Enterprises realize that this leads to more information silos and greater integration complexity. For smooth business operations, enterprises need inter-connected business application ecosystems. Secure and seamless flow of data blurs organizational silos, optimizes your business processes and enhances customer satisfaction.

Baker Tilly’s cloud integration service empowers your enterprise to overcome:

  • Application connectivity and interface limitations
  • Performance and latency issues
  • Cost associated with data flow volume.

Enterprise Cloud Transformation:

In order to achieve enterprise process transformation our Cloud Software Services team offers the following:

  • Cloud Readiness: Includes enterprise cloud business case, enterprise business strategy and discovery, enterprise cloud migration roadmap and process maturity assessment.
  • Process Transformation: Includes vendor assessment, process harmonization, change management and governance, global rollout and localization strategy and best practices implementation.
  • Application Enablement: Includes application development and migration, enterprise cloud implementation, integration/interoperability, business analytics, data management and testing services.
  • Managed Services: Includes cloud engagement health check and value capture, BPaaS enablement, end user engagement and application value enhancements.