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Information Managment

Information Managment


Information is the lifeblood of organizations and is becoming the key to business transformation. The way information is managed can create strong differentiators for businesses through improved performances, better sourcing, new product development, creation of more employee time, improvement in ROI, decision support, separation of good costs from bad costs, and better foresight.


Baker Tilly Infortech helps organizations harness the power of information both within and outside the enterprise. Using this "golden copy" of data, we help you turn information into action by making better decisions faster.

Our Information Management Services arm you with the power to yield:

  • Enhanced support to business strategy through the "single view of data"
  • Clever insights through business analytics
  • Efficient regulatory compliance

Our holistic Information Management Service covers the entire cycle of enterprise information management - from creation to archival. Our solutions use standardization at the core to contain costs but ensure that organizational goals can be met through differentiation at the front. We also hold two patents in the area of Information Management.

Our Information Management offerings include:

  • Information Architecture & Strategy
  • Master Data Management(MDM)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Information Life cycle Management - Data Archival, Test Data Management, Data Privacy and Masking
  • Data Quality and Data Migration
  • Big Data Services
  • Data Integration