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According to analysts, there will be close to 5 billion 'connected things' this year, with the number likely to increase fivefold by the end of this decade. It is also estimated that by the year 2032, every individual will be surrounded by up to 5000 connected smart things. With the Internet of Things gaining prominence and momentum, companies have a plethora of opportunities to tap into.

Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything is the hyper connected world of all objects (things) including goods, buildings, plants, animals, objects, humans and practically everything that can be uniquely identified to exchange information without human intervention. It is an attempt to attribute all 5 senses to objects to measure, monitor, control, analyze and prevent events as they would befit the mankind in making the world a more efficient, smart and more humane by reducing the waste, diverting the resources where they are more needed and better consumed facilitating greater good of planet earth and better tomorrow for the entire mankind.

IoT enables remote monitoring for millions of patients, analyze trends to create delightful shopping experiences, or save jillions by pro-actively managing your critical machinery or making smart and efficient use of publicly shared resources thus making the whole world into a hyper-connected web of smart things.

We help you to explore a journey where your devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. You may have a goal to boost your productivity, generate new revenue streams, enhance security or radically transform your service support , monitoring patients, preventing failures, allocating resources, analyzing usage, preferences and trends, optimizing supply chains, protecting public health, controlling outcomes – all of this becomes possible with IoT.

We leverage our technology expertise, innovative solutions, deep industry-specific knowledge, strong partner ecosystem and a robust delivery mechanism, to take your business to new heights.

Following are some of the fascinating things IoT can do for you:

  • Create delightful customer experiences and predict the customer behaviour
    Capture the business insights enabled by connected objects to understand your customers better, anticipate market trends and invent the future
  • Innovate and generate new revenue streams
    Your connected ecosystem will offer comprehensive intelligence to facilitate the building of new services and revenue streams on top of traditional products
  • Optimize Organizational resources
    IoT can enable a consolidated view across business lines and functions, regardless of location and can effectively monitor productivity and control allocation of resources across the length and breadth of your organization for best results.
  • Save time and costs
    When data flows seamlessly between devices and people, you can cut millions of dollars in operating expenses; boost efficiency by empowering your employees to do more with less; enhance security; and make quick, informed effective and efficient decisions.
  • Proactive management
    The intelligence and insights gathered will enable you to proactively fix issues long before they actually occur. Detect machine failure well in advance; boost machine uptime; accurately forecast your spare parts requirement; and revolutionize your customer service experience.
  • Socially responsible and welfare driven
    IoT can be scaled to integrate global resources and facilitate easy reallocation thus making all of us more socially responsive and responsible. It can provide a global platform for concerted efforts across the globe for welfare driven resource allocation and utilization for better tomorrow and a better planet.

Building complex connected solutions is hard work. It involves

1. Bringing together disparate machines, software systems and consumers on a single platform - all speaking a common language

2. Conducting advanced analytics on the massive amount of generated data to provide you with the intelligence and insights that will take your business to new heights

3. A scalable and flexible technology solution which can grow with your organizational needs

4. Ensuring that minimum disruptions take place to the on-going operations of the business during implementation

5. Creating business applications that address the very specific legal, security, domain and process frameworks of your industry

We enable the mash-up of machine data, enterprise data, environmental data and social data to deliver business transformation at several levels. Your connected journey with Baker Tilly comprises of a four-phase approach:
• Create & Grow
• Prove & Validate
• Build & Integrate
• Optimize & Operate

Key differentiators of our unique platform:

• Pay As You Grow with flexible, innovative service models
• Experiment and Refine Your Strategy using our POC-Pilot-Production model
• Reduce Your costs with our rich streamlining and optimization expertise
• Accelerated Time to Market using proven, ready to use tools
• Ability to support a wide variety of devices through multiple communication channels