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Product Engineering

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Changing market dynamics and disruption in the technology landscape have forced companies to grapple with shrinking product life cycles, shorter release cycles, and faster time to market requirements; all in the face of greater technological complexity and new opportunities in emerging markets. In the face of such global challenges, every organization is rethinking its product strategies to arrive at newer delivery models that offer its customers flexibility and lower costs.

Bakertilly Infotech’s know how and experience in product development, release management, product testing, support, and localization, combined with our deep domain expertise helps us to design future-proof solutions that can withstand volatile market trends. Our exhaustive portfolio of solution frameworks, accelerator kits, code bases and tool kits allow our clients to significantly reduce the time to market for their products.

Our ‘Centers of Excellence’ in mobility, Cloud Computing, Usability Engineering and Microsoft and Java/Open Source technologies specialize in staying abreast of current technologies and disruptions in the technology landscape. Our Distributed Agile and ‘Right-Shore’ development models help to optimize efforts and reduce the overall cost of ownership of products for our customers. With our experience, our customers are able to tap emerging markets and localize products for price-sensitive, highly demanding customers.


  • Product Development - Complete ownership or collaborative agile product development
  • Support - preventive, adaptive, corrective and perfective.
  • Testing - End-to-end Manual, Agile,Cloud, Platform, Automation and Performance.
  • SAAS Enablement - Taking products to the cloud.
  • Localization - Customizing products for new markets
  • Professional Services - Implementation services and Integration Adapters development .
  • Reverse Engineering and End-of-Life Support - For continued maintenance of legacy, sunset products
  • Migration of products to more relevant platforms, along with re-engineering them to accommodate the latest market demands.
  • UI Modernization - Transforming the user interface into a rich styles
  • Product Differentiators - Extending the product by adding new features such as Mobility and Analytics