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Testing Services

Testing Services has undergone an overhaul from the earlier 'last-link-in SDLC' approach. What will work today is a comprehensive approach to Testing and Quality Assurance and making it relevant across the SDLC. The reason is simple. There is an increased emphasis on getting it right the first time so that the time to market is reduced and so is the cost of development. This means that as an organization, you need to take a step backwards and apply the Testing strategy and methodology across the SDLC.

How Baker Tilly helps:

Baker Tilly’s Testing Services ensure that your IT systems meet business objectives; are reliable and scalable and meet security and regulatory requirements while ensuring reduced cost and timelines. Our comprehensive testing methodology and multiple test optimization tools maximize the speed and accuracy of your testing processes. Our Test Automation and Accelerators are designed to reduce the time spent on testing and reducing human errors, thus bringing predictability and rigor to the process.

Competitive advantage: In a connected world, where competitive advantage hangs on the end-user experience rather than solely on individual applications, traditional testing models lack relevance. Today’s testing environments need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

Customer Focus: A focus on the customer’s experience requires a re-evaluation of the entire testing approach and a change from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in one. To meet the demand for application agility, quality assurance (QA) testing organizations need increased test automation and continuous testing. They also need to reposition QA testing from a quality gateway to ensuring a better user experience!

We use numerous accelerators to design Agile test strategies that meet your customers’ needs for digital testing, mobility testing, cloud testing, data testing, security testing, ERP implementation testing, performance testing and automation testing services.

Our testing Services span the entire Test Lifecycle. We leverage industry best practices and our established methodologies, assessment frameworks, artifacts, automation tools, utilities and accelerators to provide your organization with superior software quality, enhanced business readiness and real competitive advantage.

Service Testing

Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to help clients achieve quality and performance goals by leveraging the domain experience, technical knowledge and substantial investments in testing infrastructure and resources.

Test strategy and Consulting:

Our experienced team of QA consultants objectively assess if QA processes, tools and frameworks in use by an organization are delivering products and applications of the highest quality. We identify and prioritize gaps in processes and make recommendations covering test methodologies, automation strategy, test management tools, metrics, and training requirements. Our Test Strategy and consulting offering is customized for specific products and applications, and clearly outlines a detailed execution plan covering quality objectives and deliverables corresponding to every milestone in the SDLC, resource budgeting, timelines and release criteria, test automation strategy and tool selection.

Functional Testing

This involves testing the application against business requirements. Functional testing is executed using the functional specifications given by the client or by the design specifications according to use cases given by the design team. Role of functional testing is to validate the behavior of an application. Functional testing ensures all business requirements are tested and the application behaves as per expectations as per given use cases.

Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing covers Load testing, Stress Testing, Performance Testing, Security and Recovery Testing, Scalability Testing, Localization and Installation Testing, Compliance and Compatibility Testing, Data Conversion Testing, Volume Testing, Migration and Operational Readiness Testing and so on.

Test Automation

Baker Tilly proficiency includes test automation for products and applications across multiple domains. Our expertise ranges from usage of different testing tools to developing customized automation tools. Due to the complexity of some of the products, Baker Tilly has developed own framework for automation to meet specific project requirements. Baker Tilly has delivered multiple test automation engagements using commercial and open source tools.

Baker Tilly Testing Centre of Excellence (BTTCoE) is a unified and balanced organization that provides a full range of software quality and testing services to support the effective, efficient and consistent delivery of quality software.

Mobile Application Testing

The overwhelming uses of mobile phones and multifold features have accelerated the environment of competition. Competition in diversification of features and applications create complexities in application development, compatibility testing and deployment. Baker Tilly ensures an error free application with longevity by overcoming the most challenging tasks to stay ahead in customer retention and contentment.

Globalization Services

In today’s speed and extremely competitive software market, enterprises require all the feasible advantages. One way to deliver products faster and at lower cost for global target markets is by creating globalized applications. The Globalized application is that which functions in multiple cultures/locales, i.e. the content in the application can be in multiple languages, currencies, numeric, date formats, and units of measurement. When globalizing and localizing the applications there may be many issues such as User Interface Issues, Language Issues, Date and time formatting Issues and String-related Issues. With these difficulties, organizations need to ensure that their application meets the requirements in all the locales. Baker Tilly Globalization testing ensures that applications can be used in multiple countries, by users who have different languages and different cultures around the world. We provide a full range of wing to wing testing services for Globalization testing that includes globalized functional test, Internationalization testing, localizability test, localization test and Linguistic Testing. With our experience in Globalization Testing we can help to reduce your test time and costs and help you assure a quality deliverable of globalization, localization and internationalization.

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service

All applications and operating systems have in-built vulnerabilities due to improper development of their software code. These vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to launch attacks on the network, websites and servers of enterprises. Such attacks can result in costly downtime, theft of proprietary information and loss of customer data. This can result in loss of image among customers as well as costly lawsuits filed by customers or regulatory agencies. It is important for enterprises to periodically assess these vulnerabilities and patch them to avoid such attacks.

Baker Tilly TESTING SERVICES - Benefits:

  • Guarantee a 100% secure, precise and on-time testing
  • Tailored Testing Solution
  • Accurate Functionality Test
  • Highly skilled Testing professionals
  • Real-time and thorough knowledge in mobile application testing
  • Assured improvement and progress in Total Quality
  • Decrease the Testing time and budget