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About us

Baker Tilly InfoTech is a subsidiary of Baker Tilly JFC Group, a member of the Baker Tilly International Network. Baker Tilly JFC has extensive experience of over 3 decades in the MENA region providing business advisory & consulting services in various domains enabling & empowering businesses to realize their ultimate objective.

Enterprises can thrive as long as they remain efficient and effective in meeting their customers’ demands and expectations while retaining the competitive edge. Baker Tilly JFC, during its course of illustrious journey over the past 3 decades as Business Consulting and Auditing firm has supported several Enterprises in their decision making process. However it was often observed that IT strategic objectives were not well aligned with business objectives, thus impeding the business performance.


Our culture is driven by the core values on which the firm was built and is run even today.

Since the inception, the core value of the firm has been to provide top-notch services with utmost integrity, loyalty and innovation, and the three basic values on which the firm's activities are based. The firm places strong emphasis on professional ethics, which are never compromised on.

The client relationships are driven by two fundamental values

These values not only define us as an organization but serve as a guide for continued Growth, Professional Expertise and Excellence.

To become a global ICT service provider of choice and indispensable value proposition of highest order that delivers ultimate and sustainable stake-holder value generation after generation.

To bring in positive value-laden transformation through compassion and conviction to create symbiotic and collaborative ecosystem that can deliver optimal value and splendid results for all stakeholders and enhances quality of life as a whole.